Season 12 of Hornets Cheerleading is now full, and only accepting registrations to a wait list. If you are interested in still registering your athlete for our 2017-18 season, please fill out the following information so we can have a record of your interest. If there is a new opening on a squad that matches your athlete’s grade and skill level, we will contact you to see if there is still an interest and ability to join us. At that time we will setup a private evaluation to review and confirm skills and suitability for participation.

We will not take a payment at the time you register on the wait list. If a spot opens up and you are able to claim it, we will send you an online invoice at that time. Full payment is expected at that time. We do not offer payment plans.

Please note: A position on our wait list does not guarantee participation in our program for the 2017-18 season.

Parent First Name

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Cheerleader First Name

Cheerleader Last Name

What grade will your athlete enter in the fall of 2017?

Has your athlete ever cheered before? If so, what type of cheerleading was it?

If your cheerleader has prior cheerleading experience, please choose all of the cheerleading positions your athlete has experience with?

Which tumbling skills can your cheerleader perform repeatedly without any assistance from a spotter?

Is your athlete currently registered with any other cheerleading or sports programs?