4D Kingdom Builders are spiritual leaders and difference-makers everywhere:


4D Kingdom Builders give their lives to lead people to life-changing faith in Jesus. You cannot lead others where you have not gone. This Spiritual Growth Journey is designed to help you take important steps forward in your walk with Christ so that you can bring others along with you.

The study is organized into eight areas:

  • Introduction: What will it take? 
  • Christlikeness: Am I becoming more like Jesus? 
  • Evangelism: Am I close to someone far from God? 
  • Service: Where am I serving? 
  • Giving: Am I growing in generosity? 
  • Influence: Who am I investing in? 
  • Family: How am I improving my family relationships? 
  • Accountability: Who is asking me the tough questions? 

Altogether, you will study 40 of the most powerful chapters of the Bible. Each chapter addresses a variety of topics, but pay special attention to the verses in each chapter that address the topic of each day. What you will realize in this study is that the Bible is truly inexhaustible in its depths and application to our lives.

Each day, answer four questions about the passage you are studying:

  1. What do these Scriptures teach me about the topic?
  2. What do these Scriptures teach me about people and God?
  3. How do I apply these Scriptures to my life?
  4. Who will I share these truths with, and what will I tell them?

Write down what God shows you in a spiritual journal. You may already have a notebook to use for a journal, or you may want to keep a digital journal. This journey has been designed to be done primarily as an in-person, group study. However in deference to the many demands of your time, we will conduct this study over the course of our season via email and this blog. You all may post comments at the bottom to each study if you feel led, which will be a way to interact with each other. This is strictly voluntary, however.

Also, consider how, over time you may be able to lead several people along this journey, and they in turn will lead several people, and on and on it will continue. Imagine if one person leads five people through the journey and each of them leads five people. If that continues, then in the fifth cycle over 3000 people (5 to the power of 5 equals 3,125 individuals!) will have completed the journey. Wow!

We pray that God will use this Spiritual Growth Journey to help you develop the daily habit of studying the Bible, praying, and putting God’s Word into practice in every arena of your life… at Home, at Church, at Work/School, and in your Community.