About Hornets Cheerleading

Who we are and what we do

Welcome to the Hornets Competition Cheerleading website.

Thank you so much for your interest in Hornets Cheerleading, a ministry of the Recreation department of Hebron Baptist Church.

Hornets Cheerleading competes in the Impact competition circuit. Impact Cheerleading is a program that was designed by the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders for churches and Christian schools to use to minister to young people through cheerleading.

Hornets Cheerleading was birthed in 2006, and from the beginning God has blessed this program with tremendous participation, growth, and success.  From our first competition season (2006-07) competing with 3 squads and 48 cheerleaders to our maximum of 8 squads and almost 160 cheerleaders, we have won 46 National Championships and are proud to have won the Impact Program of Excellence 12 of our 15 years of existence. More important than any other stat we might brag about, over the past 6 seasons alone we have are humbled to have seen over 60 athletes come to faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

The current leadership, with God’s help, strives to continue to uphold the traditions of excellence in both athletics and spiritual development evident since the program’s inception. God has truly blessed this program with incredible vision, leadership, coaches, parents, and cheerleaders. Our program strives to minister to the cheerleaders and their families through weekly devotions at practice, community mission projects, mentorship, leadership building, and other activities designed to connect us to each other and to Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that we can meet needs, make personal connections, impact our community, teach cheerleading excellence, and show Jesus Christ to those around us through Hornets Cheerleading.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you will join us and look forward to the many great things in store for Hornets Cheerleading!

How We Define Success

Through the sport of competitive cheerleading we will equip cheerleaders with progressively greater skills, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-respect, and physical fitness.

Through service, missions, and mentorship we will instill an awareness of the need to serve others, a greater sense of community, and the value of leadership.

Through the leadership of coaches and staff, prayer, and bible devotion we will help cheerleaders and their families establish or deepen a personal faith in, and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Loyalty Award

Hornets Cheerleading was birthed to coincide with the inaugural year of Impact Cheerleading. We are the only program to have participated in every Impact season since inception. We are grateful to Impact Cheerleading for this unique, Christ-centered ministry!

About Hebron Baptist Church

At Hebron Church, we give our lives to lead people to life-changing faith in Jesus.

We do this through worshiping together, participating in a Connect Group, serving inside our church and reaching out to our community and around the world.

Hebron Church has been the home of Hornets Cheerleading since it began in 2006. If you have not found a church home of your own, we would be honored to have you visit us at Hebron Baptist Church. If you want to have someone be your personal “guide”, please contact one of the Hornets directors below and we will personally meet you and your family one Sunday morning!

Learn more about the mission and ministries of Hebron Church.


About Impact and FCC

“We feel that Impact Cheerleading, when maximized to the fullest, will one day be able to influence the next generation of cheerleaders in a community and will train up the future high school and college cheerleaders in that particular community.  This will provide a terrific group of role models in our schools.” ~ Cary Coleman, President of FCC (Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders and Impact Cheerleading

Impact Cheerleading is the name of the faith-based cheerleading competition circuit in which Hornets Cheerleading has chosen to participate and compete. We are able to cheer against other similarly organized and funded programs in an environment where the truth of Jesus is spoken about openly, and the love of (and for) God is on display at each and every event.

Learn more about the mission and ministries of Impact Cheerleading and Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders.